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Are You Willing to Improve Your Financial Literacy Skills?

In a fast changing world, financial education not only plays an important role but also it increasingly interconnects and overlaps with innovative technology, e-commerce and electronic & mobile payments. Do we have neccesary financial education, does education keep pace with innovations?

Rate your financial literacy knowledge onscale from 1 to 5

Are you willing to learn about new payment technologies and adopt innovative product&services?

Would You Live in a Digital, Cashless City?

Cities around the world are at the forefront of a global drive to go digital. Innovative technologies can significantly improve public sector services, enable faster and more transparent procedures, and improve citizens’ everyday life. What do you think?

Is smart city concept possible without cashless payments?

Do you support digitalization in public services?

Would You Choose the Road Towards a Cashless Economy?

Digital-revolution is rapidly changing our world. Contactless payments, mobile money and innovative financial services break down traditional borders and stereotypes, opening new opportunities and prospects. People around the world are moving towards a cashless society. Are you for (about) electronic payments, or you stick to paper money?

Do you support cashless trend?

How often do you go cashless?

Swipe, Scan, Wave, Click…How do You Want to Pay Tomorrow?

The world of payments will never be the same again. The advent of digital technologies has created entirely new categories of commerce, such as eCommerce, mCommerce, the shared economy, and new ways to make purchases in the physical world such as tapping an NFC-enabled phone or wearable, scanning a QR code or simply clicking a button. How do you feel about all those innovations?

Do you utilize innovations in payments? Eg. Mobile apps, online banking, ecomm

What do you value the most in cashless payments:

Bank and Banks. How to Choose the Right One Today?

The need and demand for financial services and products is as robust as ever. It is a critical industry that provides a core function in our lives and businesses in the world. Is your bank ready to timely answer to a historic shift from analog to digital that is happening in all aspects of our lives?

Are you satisfied with your Bank?

Which factor would motivate you the most to transfer to another Bank?

How to Use Consumer Power?

In a hyper connected world consumer is a king. Customer experience matters more than ever. It has a power – a power of generating a new culture, principles of a cashless society and the influence on the whole industry to deliver products and services we need.

Name one device&method you want to use for payments in the future:

Whom to trust today? What influences your purchase decisions?

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