Daniel Berg

Daniel Berg, Director, EBRD Serbia

Being a long-term investor in Serbia’s financial sector, EBRD of course seeks to promote innovation in banking products and services. Our traditional lending to Serbian banks (through products such as leasing, loans for SMEs and products targeting women in business) have helped more and more people access banking services. 

More widespread adoption of digital payments can improve the ease of doing business, lowering costs for small business, and also can help bring financial services to a wider population (so-called financial inclusion).  Digital payment systems can help improve the transparency of money flows and thereby provide tools which reduce corruption. 

At EBRD we are committed, more generally, to supporting technogological companies to put in place simple, convenient solutions which work for everyone and help integrate people in the economy. Through our projects we try to ensure that the average person benefits from growth and innovation.  For example, our loan to the Serbian transmission operator, ETV, helped more households and businesses to access internet and media.  We are now exploring with the Government possible policies and products to provide broadband in regions where internet access is limited.  

In sum, we are pleased to see the Government and the private sector working together to adopt new technologies and look forward to the Serbia Cashless Forum providing best in field ideas for moving Serbia forward as a technologically leading economy.

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