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17th Ecomonic Summit of Serbia

17th Economic Summit of Serbia - Summit Opening 23.10.

17th Economic Summit - Aeroklub reception - Monday 23.10.

17th Economic Summit - Digital State of Mind Panel 24.10.

#SerbiaCashless Forum

FinPis Launch

Panel 1: The Importance of Financial Literacy for Cashless Society

Panel 2: Cashless Cities – Smart Cities

Serbia’s Macroeconomic Developments-Towards a Stronger Growth

Panel 3: The Road Ahead – How fast is Serbia moving toward a cashless economy?

Panel 4: Payments in Digital Age – Innovations & Challenges

Panel 5: Which technologies are taking the stage - New opportunities for banks

Panel 6: Blurring types of Commerce – Approaching the connected customer

Panel 7: The Power of Communications

VisaNetWork @Innovation Lab

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