Robert Coban

Co-owner and president, Color Press Group

Robert Čoban was born on 27December1968 in Bač, Vojvodina, in The Republic of Serbia.

He graduated from the secondary school in Backa Palanka, studied The Faculty of Law in Novi Sad. Since 1990 he has been working as a journalist - initially as a Novi Sad correspondent of Belgrade's "Večernje novosti"; Zagreb's "Arena", Sarajevo's "Naši dani". He has also worked for the magazines "Vreme" and "Stav". In 1992, with a group of students, he renewed the publication of the student monthly magazine "Index". After two editions, the entire editorial staff was replaced and the “Nezavisni Index” was launched, which later changed the name into the "Svet" published by Color Press Group.

Today, Čoban leads the Color Press Group, one of the largest magazine publishers in the region with companies based in all 6 former Yugoslav republics – including 84 magazines, 21 internet portals and over 50 conferences and festivals annually.

The company's portfolio includes a number of licensed titles: "The Economist", "Diplomacy & Commerce", "Hello!", "Brava Casa", "Gloria", "Story", "Grazia", ​​"Jamie Oliver Magazine", etc.

The conferences organized by the Color Press Group include: "Pro Femina", "Food Talk", "The Economist: World in ...", "Digital", "Book Talk", "CSR Serbia", "Serbia Goes Green "," Teen Talk "and many others.

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