Miodrag Mircetic

President of Management Board, Asseco SEE d.o.o. Beograd

Miodrag Mirčetić was born in 1968 in Belgrade. He has been active in IT business from 1989. Career has started in IBISYS Belgrade as software developer, team leader and project manager. During his work in IBISYS, he was engaged in planning and development of banking information systems applications and implementation.
In 1993, he went to Skopje - Macedonia, where with few colleagues has started PEXIM Solutions Company. In PEXIM, new generation of applications for banking segment was developed and innovative market approach has been created. After 3 years, client base of 6 banks has been established and aggressive growth of PEXIM Company has been started. In 1997, he has returned to Belgrade in order to manage PEXIM Company in Serbia. At that time, PEXIM become dominant player providing high quality solutions and IT infrastructure deployment for financial sector industries. In 2002, he has been accomplished as CEO of PEXIM Group and managed companies in Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Albania.

After establishment of Asseco SEE Group and merge of Pexim, Antegra and Pexim Cardinfo companies in 2008, he has become President of Management Board of Asseco SEE d.o.o Beograd. He is also member of Executive board of Asseco South Eastern Europe, with headquarters in Warsaw, and in charge for banking software line of business. He lives in Belgrade; he is married and has four children.

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