Sladjana Sredojevic, PhD

Sladjana Sredojevic, PhD

Specialist, Manager of Training Centre for Banks, Association of Serbian Banks & Vice President of European Association for Training in Banking Sector - EBTN Brussels 

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade (1999), Sladjana began her professional career as a civil servant in the Ministry of Finance of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (2000), and since 2003 in the Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations of the Republic of Serbia. As an advisor in two governments, she was in charge of cooperation with international financial institutions, coordination of developing and of EU aid, working both with international donors and creditors. In 2003 she was hired by the World Bank, as a financial specialist in the project Reform of the health system in Serbia. Since 2006, she is employed as a special advisor for international cooperation, financial markets and education at the Association of Serbian Banks, where she manages the Bank Training Center. 

She is Vice-President and a member of the Executive Board of the European Banking Training Network, Brussels, where she chairs the Financial Literacy Committee and is multiannual contact in cooperation with the European Banking Federation (EBF), Brussels where she is active in Project Group on Financial Education and national coordinator for the European Money Week. She is the Secretary of the Committee for the development of financial markets and the Committee on Education and Human Resources of the ABS, and since 2015 also the Secretary of the ACI Serbia.

Gaining her experience, Sladjana Sredojević, PhD has in parallel been active in the field of scientific and academic research and training. She defended mater thesis "The role of the European Investment Bank in the development of Serbia" at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade (2006). At the same faculty in February 2010 she also defended her doctoral thesis entitled "Public-private partnership in infrastructure financing in the Balkan countries". The following year she published a monograph entitled Public-Private Partnerships in the book of the Archipelag and Institute of Economic Sciences in Belgrade. She spent several months of 2007 in the European Investment Bank, Luxembourg and in 2004 in Tokyo International Center - TYC, Japan, as a young researcher in the field of economic development policies. The areas of her research interests are: public-private partnerships, financing of development, international economics, international banking, modern economic systems, long-term financing.

She is active in publishing research papers and attending scientific conferences in the country and abroad. She also participates in national and international studies and projects and collaborates with institutions such as the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) and the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), the Institute of Economic Sciences, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, FEFA, etc.

She lives and works in Belgrade.

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