Ljiljana Novkovic


Degree (s) or Diploma (s) obtained:

Associate degree, Teachers faculty - University of Belgrade, From – 1974, date obtained - 1980


  • Primary School Teacher’s Association of the Republic of Serbia (PSTARS)- member  
  • Belgrade Primary School Teacher’s Society (BPSTS) – Executive Board member (Member of the Management Board and Head of the team for strategic planning and professional development from 2003 and onwards)
  • Association ”Ethical Living” AEL – president of the central committee 2017.


MS Office Pack (Word, Excel, PowerPoint..)


Primary School Teacher 


35 years 


Approved professional development programs:

  • Thematic and interdisciplinary approach to curriculum planning, (the author, implementer 2008-2014.)
  • Expert Panel of Teachers Belgrade, (the author, implementer 2010-2014.)
  • Professional meetings of The Association of Teachers of Serbia, (the co-author, implementer 2011-2014.)

Support the development of human capital and research, EU, Hulla & Co. Human Dynamics K. G., Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia / IPA 2011 (2014/15.), Head of training for employees in education, mentor 

Promotion of science through the development of an international program of Eco-schools in Serbia, the Foundation for Education and Environment-FEE, NGO "Environmental Ambassadors," "Ambassadors for Sustainable Development and Environment, Teachers' Association of Serbia (2012/15.), School coordinator for classroom teaching, mentor

Determine the outcome of general subjects in primary and secondary schools for the subject world around us and Nature and Society, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia / IPA 2011 and the Institute for Improvement of Education of the Republic of Serbia, (2014), member of the working groups

Inclusion of quality education for all MPS / DILS project, (mentor lecturer, 2009-2014…)

Green package, the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (2010), head of training for employees in education

Support class teachers to implement key knowledge in the field of evaluation in the teaching of Nature and Society MPS / DILS project, (co-author, lecturer, 2010.)

Educational standards of knowledge for Nature and Society at the end of the first cycle of basic education, IEQE, the project (co-author, lecturer, 2008-2010.)

Support classroom teachers in the implementation of the level of achievement in teaching 3rd and 4th grade of primary school, IEQE, the project, (implementer, 2005.)

Interdisciplinary Planning MPS, the project, (Team member of the Commission MPS, 2003.)

Development of educational outcomes in the field of Social Sciences and Philosophy, MPS (Member and coordinator of the Commission for classroom teaching MPS, 2001-2002.)

Active learning in the classroom, project, (instructor 2003-2014…) 

Curriculum social science, MPS, (Member of the Commission MPS, 1996-2001.)

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