Gordana Stepic

Adviser to the Minister, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

Education: Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Belgrade, teacher of classroom teaching (1999), master of didactic-methodical sciences - Training of teachers for the use of didactic resources in the web environment (2011); Faculty of Teacher Education in Uzice University of Kragujevac, PhD of didactic and methodical sciences - Effects of team teaching of nature and society in the web environment (2016).

Co-author of textbooks: Serbian language workbook for the first grade of elementary school, Nova skola, Belgrade, 2013; Digitarium, Workbook, MISANU, Centre for the Promotion of Science, Belgrade, 2016

The author of the articles: Teacher's capacity to use educational sites in the preparation and realization of classes, Innovation in Teaching, 4, 2012; Possibilities of using video games in classroom teaching, Methodological Practice, 4, 2012; Use of educational sites in the preparation and realization of classes in the junior primary school, Nova škola, 9-10, 2012; Multimedia programmed material in teaching of nature and society, Educational Technology, 2, 2012; Creation of the Primary School website, Proceedings "Technology and Informatics in Education", Technical Faculty, Čačak, 2012; How do elementary school students understand the Internet and its usage, Proceedings "Knowledge, Education, Media", Faculty of Management, Sremski Karlovci, 2012; Possibilities for the Development of Digital Literacy of Junior Grade Students of the Primary School, Quality and Efficiency in e-learning, Conference Proceedings, Universitatii Nationale de Aparare Carol I, Bucharest, Romania, 2013; Solving Problems in the Web Environment, Pedagogy, 1, 2015; Teacher's opinions on the advantages and limitations of team teaching, Learning and Teaching, 2 (4), 2016.

Co-author of articles: Perceptions of students on professional practice, Proceedings "Implementation of Innovation in Education - Challenges and Dilemmas", Faculty of Teacher Education, Belgrade, 2014; Opinion of students of the Faculty of Teacher Education on professional practice, Proceedings "Teacher as a researcher - examples of good practice", MPNTR RS, 2015; Team Teaching - Opportunities and Challenges, Proceedings of the Teacher Training Faculty, Užice, 19 (18), 2016; Teacher attitudes towards team work, Teaching and upbringing, 66 (1), 2017.

Projects: School for the Future - concept of partnership culture - implementer, MPS RS (2002-2005); DIGITARY: Application of digitization of scientific and cultural heritage in school teaching - member of the project team, Institute of Mathematics SANU, Centre for the Promotion of Science, Belgrade (since 2015); SCOPES: Research, Education and Practice - To improve research capacities of importance for teacher education and educational practice in Serbia and Estonia - researcher, Teacher Training faculty, Institute for Psychology Belgrade Institute for Teacher Education Bjen Institute fo Education Tart Estonia (since 2015).

Member of the National Council for Monitoring the Implementation of the International PISA Project.

Author and coordinator of the Pilot project "Introduction of financial literacy in the education system of the Republic of Serbia" (FinPis), which is realized with the support of Visa Company.

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