Dusan Uzelac

Dusan Uzelac, born in 1978 in Belgrade, is a founder and owner of the Web portal Kamatica.com, the best-known financial portal in Serbia, as well as the owner of the company DUBES DOO. The portal Kamatica.com was selected 3 times in TOP 50 Web sites in Serbia, according to “PC Press”. Worked as the editor for economy in the “Blic”, participated in numerous TV shows and at Radio Beograd, in relation with the topics such as economics, banking, and finances. He reached his greatest business success in the field of innovative solutions, and in closing the gap between the finances and common people. Received the prize for the best technical advancement – Kamatica market 2012/2013 in organization by the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce. In 2012 he was selected among the most successful young entrepreneurs of the city of Belgrade, when he won the second prize.

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