Zoran Markovic

President of Scientific Council of Mathematical Institute

Born: 1948

Education:  B.A. (in 1971) and M.A. (in 1974) - Faculty of Mathematics of University of Belgrade

Ph. D. (in 1979) - University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Employment: Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts 1972-2015; positions – from assistant to Research professor;

Director of the Institute – from end of 1985 till end of 2014. 

Research interests in mathematics: Intuitionistic, probabilistic and non-monotonic logics, and their applications in Artificial Intelligence.

Visiting and part time positions: University of California, Berkeley (1984/85), University of California, Davis (1985), University of Belgrade (1986- 2012 ), University of Amsterdam (Institute for Logic, informatics and linguistics) (1992).

Other activities:  Extensive experience in Science policy in Serbia as the director of the Institute, member of the Council of the Science Fund of Serbia and several of its committees, member of the Presidency of the Association of Institutes of Serbia, etc.

In the last three years led the Institute team which organized, together with the Center for Promotion of Science, the event “May Month of Mathematics”, which resulted in unprecedented media attention to mathematics and doubling of the number of applicants for Mathematics Faculty.

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