Olga Mirkovic-Maksimovic

New Business Director, Ringier Axel Springer Serbia

Olga Mirković-Maksimović joined Ringier Axel Springer Serbia in 2016 with a role to develop new business products for the company. She is currently one of the most significant names on the Serbian digital market and certainly a professional with experience from the international company Limundograd, which is mostly known for its products Limundo and Kupindo. In the last 7 years, as part of the Limundograd team, Olga Mirković-Maksimović  realized significant projects in the area of marketing and communications, and achieved special results in the position of Executive Director of the company Limundograd, i.e. websites for online shopping and sale, demonstrating her expertise in the area of the transaction business model. Before Limundograda, Olga worked as a marketing manager and lecturer in the company Link Group.

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