Svetozar Sijacic

Mr Šijačić was born on 16 March 1964 in Srbobran, SFR Yugoslavia. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics and obtained an MSc in Economics degree at the University of Novi Sad. 

His career had started in the Insurance business but his field of expertise changed and he started working for several banks (Continental bank, Novi Sad, Delta bank, Raiffeisen bank and Credit Agricole bank) on different positions. However, in the last 12 years he has worked as Head of Retail in Raiffeisen bank and Credit Agricole bank. 

Thanks to the development of the banking sector in Serbia, he has changed several posts and enriched his personal knowledge and experience in many areas. 

Through many trainings, courses and participating in many local and international seminars, congresses and projects he has succeed in achieving visible results in each company he was employed with. 


Today he is working for Credit Agricole bank as an Executive Board Member, Head of Retail Markets, covering digital transformation and marketing. 

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