Radojka Nikolic

Radojka Nikolic is the editor-in- chief, founder and owner of the publishing house NIRA Press, which issues two monthly magazines Ekonometar and Business Magazine. The magazines have been published on a regular basis for ten years in Serbia and distributed both in Montenegro and the Republic of Srpska. The biggest part of Radojka Nikolic's work experience was gained is in the Politika daily, where she worked for 20 years as an editor and journalist. She is the author of the book: "Dragoslav Avramović – creator of economic miracle "(1995)," Economists of transition in Serbia", the author and project manager of three-year study "Openly on Corruption in Serbia", in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the author of the study and project "Social Picture and reforms in Serbia"(2003 with F. Ebert). She has received numerous awards: Annual Prize of "Politika” for the best journalist, “Golden feather" by magazine “Tabu” award by Belgrade Banking Academy for the best commentators, the Serbian Association of Managers Award for the best journalist, Association of Business Women of Serbia Award "Flower of success for the Lady Dragon ", a lifetime award by Association of Journalists of Serbia and Montenegro.

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